Syrian Refugee Crisis and the rise of the Far Right and the Far Left

. Here is one of the things I hate about identity politics, it removes any form of individuality and replaces it as you being part of a tribe or a “community” I am a refugee from Iraq as you know. If I do something good, people say look at refugees, how awesome they are! If I do something bad, people say look at refugees, how terrible they are!!! How about you treat me as an individual first before trying to find a way to use me to advance your goddamn agenda? I refuse to be used. Watch the my recent interview below       Watch...

My Interview with Dave Rubin

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Islamophobia Phobia, My First Speech in Canada.


Islamism is an ideology, Muslims are people. (Huff Post Live)

  This is my latest appearance at Huff Post Live. If you have any comments and want to invite me to come to your show please email me at : [email protected] Looking forward to hear your...

How to Defeat ISIS (Speech)

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My Lecture/Speech at George Mason University on ISIS