Islam, Global Secular Activism, & Nuance in Social Discourse

. My Interview with Unbelievers Radio in Arizona! I hope you will...

Syrian Refugee Crisis and the rise of the Far Right and the Far Left

. Here is one of the things I hate about identity politics, it removes any form of individuality and replaces it as you being part of a tribe or a “community” I am a refugee from Iraq as you know. If I do something good, people say look at refugees, how awesome they are! If I do something bad, people say look at refugees, how terrible they are!!! How about you treat me as an individual first before trying to find a way to use me to advance your goddamn agenda? I refuse to be used. Watch the my recent interview below       Watch...

My Interview with Gaad Saad

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My Interview with Dave Rubin

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A Public Dialogue on the Topic of “Islamophobia”

Via Hemant Mehta WNYC in New York City aired a public conversation about “Islamophobia” (that was taped in May). It included six panelists with varying takes on Islam, including Bassem Youssef (who hosted a Daily Show-like program in the Middle East) and Faisal Saeed Al Mutar (who began the Global Secular Humanist Movement on...

Islamophobia Phobia, My First Speech in Canada.