Iraqi College Student Kicked Out Of University For Defending The Right For Atheists To Live

Samer Saad


An Iraqi student in Al Muthanna university got expelled because of a Facebook comment in which he defended the right of life for atheists.

His name is Sameer Saad.

The following is his story:

“My unfair treatment in Al Muthanna university
Sameer Saad – Iraq

After a month of trying finally Al Muthanna university issued an order to expel me and consider that I failed this year (2016-2017)
The case is all about an argument on Facebook
There is a page founded and run by a colleague in the same university, the page posted a discussion about atheism and most of the comments were negative and promoting violent actions towards atheists.

Among the commentators who promoted violence was a person with a (Dr.) before his name referring that he has a PHD, I told him that his opinion is not suitable for a person with high degree or even any education and that provoked him and it turned out that he is among the teaching staff of my university.

At first the university expelled me for lack of attendance because of the efforts that he pulled to make that happens, after I showed them the proper papers that proves that the don’t have the right to do so the dean of my college told me that it`s not over yet and that there will be formed what is so called the “committee of disciplines” to find the proper punishment for me for saying that man is not worthy of his degree.

I was asked to go for the committee meeting and I was surprised that it had only one member who was also from the teaching class, he asked to write down the story on a paper and I did so, without even looking at my paper he started to write his report and the one man committee decision was to expel me and to give me an F in all my classes.

I did nothing wrong and saying my opinion is supposed to be a right protected by the law , I don`t deserve this and there is no one who can stand by me.”

Edit : that there was heated debate between the student and one of the professors 

on Facebook (Out of Work) about Atheism and the student appeared to be insulting to the professor. 

The post in Arabic  and you can read the exchange there:

Please Contact to protest the decision:

Minster of Higher Education Email: [email protected]

Ministry of Higher Education Email: [email protected]

University Email For Inquiries:

[email protected]


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  • KayOhKayn

    I quickly wrote the following to the Email-adresses you posted. But i have to mention that while the government adresses worked the one at Al Muthanna Univerity didn’t (mail was teturned to sender):

    Dear Sir or Madam in the departement for Inquiries at Al Muthanna University,

    via internet i got information on the expelling of Sameer Saad from Al Muthanna University. From how the story is reported by Mr Saad i come to the conclusion that he got expelled from Al Muthanna University for undue and even unlawful reasons. Please consider investigating his case which seems to be violating his rights as an iraqi citizen as same as as a scholar at Al Muthanna University. It should not be allowed that staff in Iraqi Universities – as same as in any university – could use the power of their departement to persecute students for personal reasons especially when these personal beliefs are protected by the Iraqi constitution as in the second part of article 2: “This Constitution[…] guarantees the full religious rights to freedom of religious belief and practice of all individuals such as Christians, Yazidis, and Mandean Sabeans.” in article 14: “Iraqis are equal before the law without discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, origin, color, religion, sect, belief or opinion, or economic or social status.” and in article 16: “Equal opportunities shall be guaranteed to all Iraqis, and the state shall ensure that the necessary measures to achieve this are taken.”
    Please keep me informed on the actions you are taking to stop these unlawful proceedings.

    Kind regards,

  • loroferoz

    Bastards. Now I wonder if Sameer can be given an opportunity to develop and defend secular values. If he will be able to come live in Europe and study at an European university, maybe even come back to Iraq and contribute to his country in the future: traveled, richer, mature and experienced. He’d be deserving of that. But he’s from Iraq, and his name and surname are what they are. With rank troglodytes dictating the immigration discourse and even policy, it will be a long shot, longer every year. Islamists must be happy.