Why Raif Badawi Matters

Inspired by Raif Badawi’s story and struggle—as well as people like him—I am working to support the human rights of liberal dissidents through Movements.org, a project funded by Google that allows me to crowd source skills and a way to match those who need help with those who can. I have built a database that includes activists in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and many other countries in the Muslim world (many in which secular activists face death sentences if they are apprehended by the government). I genuinely believe that everyone has a role to play. Whether you are a journalist, a policymaker, an artist, a technologist, a public relations expert, a writer, an editor, a translator, or just someone who cares about this issue, you can lend your voice in support of threatened dissidents in some way. Liberals and freethinkers living in the West can offer their skills, including writing, editing, graphic design, legal help, and many others to help the activists.



” The case of Raif Badawi should be the spark of change that moves liberals in the West to get involved in helping their fellow liberals in the East. But change takes a long time, and every minute we wait is a minute wasted. ” 

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  • Mirnita

    Earlier today, I was speaking to an old friend, about brave Mexican liberal dissidents and the amazing struggles they have gone through, in my lifetime & before. Sadly many of them have lost their lives while attempting to change the country they loved, when a government that did not love them, retaliated. Movements.org, is a great project, with tools to support those who are in that process, in various countries, and whose lives are in the balance. Kudos to Google for their funding & support, and to Faisal Saeed Al Mutar for his vision, and devotion to such a worthy cause.